Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ruling Class Wants to Up the Ante

In the last 6-8 weeks, people who voted for Trump--or who now support him--have become "white supremacists."   It's almost as though a dark evil force has overcome the typical flyover-country conservative voter.

In response, an ex-FBI/West Point "counterterrorism" instructor has some proposals.  Only fools will believe that Watts, the instructor, has no remaining influence with the Feebs or West Point.

...Bemoaning the fact that U.S. law now restricts surveillance of, never mind restrictions on, U.S. persons to those who have committed or may be about to commit crimes, Watts proposes legislation that would permit designating persons associated with what the government may identify as “white supremacist ideology” as subject to surveillance to “preemptively assess whether these white supremacists are taking a radical turn toward violence.”

Watts also proposes “red flag” laws... Career, reputation, possibly family, would be gone because someone in the notoriously impartial FBI so decided, perhaps with the agreement of the highly scrupulous FISA court, subsequent to ex parte, secret proceedings.

This has become ruling-class conventional wisdom. Desire to wage war on ordinary Americans—to disadvantage them and even to kill them—had long been bubbling in the ruling class’s basements. The countless, nearly identical pronouncements from on high in recent days can be taken as an announcement that the ruling class has raised them into its forceful mainstream....
The Ruling Class--or the managerial class, as ZMan calls them-- has figured out that they are rapidly losing control of the situation which they controlled so very well until....Trump.

In order to regain it, they are upping the ante.  First, they throw pejoratives at Trump, of course.  Then they start calling Trump supporters not merely 'racist', but "white supremacist"--a not-veiled reference to Hitler.  One of the damn fools (another ex-Feeeeeb with a high rank) actually proposed that Trump was sending Reich-signals with dates.

They may be unhinged and increasingly desperate, but they haven't gotten any smarter.  One could argue that they are actually a lot more stupid than they'd like us to think.  They're going to prove just how stupid they are very soon--and they will regret it.

...Today, our ruling class has come to define itself in terms of the will to humiliate “the deplorables,” as it subdues their disrespect. It is confident that the Republican Party won’t help the deplorables, and that President Trump will get out of the way quietly once he’s made some noise. And deplorables have this quaint habit of obeying laws—the fools!

All true. But the logic of the ruling class’s campaign against white supremacy cannot end in the deplorables’ peaceful submission because that campaign itself has no natural end....
Codevilla is not an optimist.

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