Friday, August 30, 2019

Save Money on Electricity!! Only One Hitch.....

Apparently the Sierra Club thinks we are as stone-stupid as they are.  

The Sierra Club says Wisconsin’s largest utility could save ratepayers millions of dollars by shutting down its coal plants.
In testimony filed on behalf of the environmental group, utility analyst Paul Chernick estimates We Energies has lost an average of $98 million a year since 2014 operating its South Oak Creek and Elm Road plants, while WPS Corp. lost roughly $40 million on its share of two plants....

So, see, based on their guess that coal plants "lose" money, well......see....scritch scritch scratch.........through our magic tricks, ratepayers could save $138MM/year.

Attention, K-Mart* Shoppers!!  Blue-Light Special!!  Save $138MM!!!!

Yah, well, there's only one little-bitty hitch here....

...He argues it would be cheaper for the utility to replace both plants with wind, solar and storage resources....
So there's no guarantee of electricity. 

Here's the conversation:

"Hey, honey!!  I want to watch the Packers game--is the wind blowing? Is the sun shining?

*Yes, I know K-Mart is out of business.  That's what Wisconsin will be if the morons at Sierra have their way.

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