Sunday, August 25, 2019

Jesuit General Sosa Is a Biden-esque Moonbat

Not only is he a material heretic on the topic of Satan, he's also a barking moonbat on the topic of immigration.  He's becoming the Joe Biden of the Catholic church..... one of his more controversial claims, Father Sosa said that nations have no right to enforce their borders because in the end, the land belongs to everyone.

“Those who live in a given territory have no right to turn away migrants,” he said, “because they have no absolute right to that territory. They do not own it; the goods of the land are for everyone.”
“I do not see a conflict of rights — those of migrants and those of those who already live in the place — but the opportunity for a human dialogue to create a universal fraternity through these movements of populations due to various reasons: wars, persecutions, poverty, the search for a better life,” he said....

This might come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Old Testament, but perhaps (Fr.) Sosa is NOT familiar with it.  You remember all that stuff about how God "gave" Israel to Abraham, right?  Maybe God was just kidding?

It is true that 'the goods of the land are for everyone,' in a general sense--but there are plenty of "if-and-but" phrases there, which the General doesn't bother to mention.  Begin with 'how do those goods get produced and distributed?', for example.  Yes, it's complicated, General, and you'd rather toss gassy platitudes, I know.

Oh, it gets even more interesting!!

...Turning to the issue of modern political movements, Father Sosa said that populism is dangerous, alleging it is an authoritarian ideology.

“There are various populisms, as well as sovereignisms, that we find within fundamentalism,” he said, “sovereignism” being a term for belief in independent nation-states.

“Populism conceals various forms of authoritarianism under the blanket of the representation of the people. It takes a great deal of political discernment,” he said, adding that it represents an “ideological form.”

“One thing is a political idea, another is an ideology,” he claimed....
Oh, really, Father?

Is it "authoritarian" to have and enforce laws?  Which laws?  What, exactly, is "sovereignism"?  In a representative republic, is there a "populist blanket"?

Inquiring minds need clarity, General.  Meantime, why don't you take a moment to read up on Satan?

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