Saturday, August 17, 2019

"Nice" Church? Not Christ's.

We mentioned that a Utah priest has taken on a mighty penance by obeying his Bishop and becoming the pastor of a renegade parish.  (There are lots of them here in Wisconsin too.)

To show you how bad things are, here's a quote from a followup article on the situation:

...[Dissenting] parents shared that they have tried to build an accepting and diverse faith community. They say that their school and church taught them to “walk the path that Jesus the Christ has laid before us. It is a path of love, compassion, and unconditional regard and acceptance.” ...

Here's an "unconditional" from Christ Himself:  "Go, and sin no more." "Be perfect, as My Heavenly Father is perfect." 

Christ did not waste any effort by being "accepting" of money-changers in His Father's house, nor did He offer "regard" to the bad thief next to Him on Calvary.

The homosexualists who wrote this piece are very good at Newspeak Agitprop; lying about Christ's mission is part of the game.  But Christ was not the Founder of the 'Church of Nice.'  Put aonther way, the 'Church of Nice' is NOT the Catholic church.  Civil, yes.  Charitable above all.  But "nice"?  Nope.  That's someone else's church.

The same someone else who occupied the Dayton shooter's mind and body.

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First, Last said...

And this is why so many !left the church after V 2.