Thursday, July 11, 2019

With Obama, It Was "America Second. Or Third. Whatever...."

We all know that various US-based government entities can spy on anyone here at will.  They've been doing it for years. 

Now the spying will be done by the Chinese Communists.  Why?  Because Obama (and his idiot VP Biden) ignored all the signs and signals.

Here's Goldman (Spengler) on the situation:

...“From China’s standpoint, the U.S. dominates signals intelligence,” he pointed out. “Let’s say the balance of power shifts to the defense and everyone is able to protect all of their signals. At that point, who’s the loser? The United States is the net loser. That’s one reason the United States intelligence community is so upset about Huawei. Unfortunately, they should have thought of this a few years ago.”

“I can tell you all this stuff was on Huawei’s website. It was being blared at public conferences. There was no secret about all of this stuff. Under the Obama administration, our brilliant intelligence community — the same intelligence community that has been trying to frame up the president — completely ignored the Chinese. Now they seem to have woken up, but it’s kind of late.”...
Brennan should be tried and executed for Passive Gross Malevolent Stupidity.  Life in prison for Ms. Rice and Obama.  Force Biden to live in Red China.

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