Monday, July 29, 2019

Who Is this "Jenny Martin" Woman?

Back in 2009, when Diamond Jim Doyle was pissing away Wisconsin tax dollars, the Badger Blogger (RIP) and I popped over to Madistan to vent spleen.  Somebody introduced RoJo to the crowd and he gave a somewhat nervous speech.

I still have the Gadsden flag which I purchased for that occasion.

NOW I learn that some woman named "Jenny Martin" is a muckety-muck in a "Tea Party" outfit.  Never heard of her in Madison that April.  So it's surprising to learn that she "runs" the "Tea Party."

Martin co-founded the Tea Party Patriots, the 501 (c) (4) non-profit group started that same year [2009] to promote the three core values of the movement: (1) Constitutionally Limited Government (Personal Freedom),  (2) Free Markets (Economic Freedom), and (3) Fiscal Responsibility (Debt-Free Future).
How nice.  Nice of her to decide what the 'core values' are--and for her to take home seven+ hundred grand in salary for whatever she's doing here.  Except........

If she's knocking down seven+ hundred grand, she's "Establishment."

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell is giving her that kind of money for a 501?