Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Contrary to Belling--and Weber--Trump's Ploy Worked

The Never-Trumper Jay Weber squealed like a stuck pig.  Belling went 'sophisticated' and declared that although Trump's comments were not racist, they actually WERE racist.  (I guess that proves that the self-described Analytical Mind never heard of the principle of non-contradiction, eh?)


...Trump has flaunted his scorn for the media-defined norms of the American political conversation. Under those informal rules, Republicans can be labeled racists with impunity, and America can be trashed as irredeemably racist, evil, and shameful. But any criticism of "people of color" for expressing such views is racist, as Nancy Pelosi discovered so recently....

...He also knows that people who already believe him to be a vulgar, racist, unacceptable "occupant of the White House" (as Ilhan Omar called him yesterday, unwilling to concede that he is a lawfully elected president) will criticize anything he says. So there is no loss to him in provoking more criticism from that camp.

The key group that he must worry about are the undecided voters who swing elections and the vaunted suburban women, who shun harshness and who live in neighborhoods where Trump may be less than popular. Plus all those conservatives who have gritted their teeth and supported him, even though his style is alien to their own....

So what happened next?  The targets showed up on national TeeVee, doing exactly what The President expected them to do.  They would NOT condemn AlQuaeda, declared everyone who favors borders to be "racist," and generally managed to alienate 'the persuadables.'  In addition:

Trump has forced [the House Democrats] back together and made The Squad the public face of the Democrats.
So.  The remarks were NOT "racist."  Yes, they were designed to force a reaction--and they got it.  Now Pelosi is embracing four Communists, one of which will NOT condemn Muslim terrorism, the others of which want "open borders."  See Surber's clear vision on Trump's chess-game here.

And Weber and Belling?  Left in the dust, squealing and Analyzing.

UPDATE:  Now The Analyzer claims that there will be "NO political impact" from this episode.  Gee, that's a tough call, Mark.  Unless there is an earthquake, no Democrat will defeat Trump next year.  So he keeps his skirts clean and makes a bet that he almost cannot lose.  Watch him play this back next November and claim to be a genius.

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