Saturday, July 27, 2019

How To Get Killed on a Scooter

Dumbassery grips the "minds" of the yout's.  You might even call it a 'death-grip.'

In a story discussing the Milwaukee scooters being found in the nearby suburbs, we see this:

...One man said he collected four electric scooters in Milwaukee so he and his friends could go bar hopping in West Allis.

"They're just really fun to ride, they're really affordable," he said.

The man asked not to be identified.

"We want to go to some local bars around here, so I grabbed a couple of scooters and put them in my car, and we're just gonna hop on them afterwards because we're gonna be drinking and stuff and don't want to drive the vehicles," he said....

Because being a drunken driver on a scooter is SO much safer than being a drunken driver in a car, right, dumbass?

I don't know if the Nashville victim (see link above) was sober or drunk, but I do know that in a 'Chevy Suburban vs. Scooter' contest, there IS a loser, and it's not the Suburban.

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