Monday, July 08, 2019

Twelve THOUSAND Square Feet, Wilton?

TWELVE THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT "residence" for +Wilton Gregory, newly-crowned Archbishop of D.C.!


We raised a heckuvalotta chilluns in a mere 2,600 (1,000 of which were converted basement), and that footage included an office of about 400 square feet.

Added to the expenses for heating and cooling, somebody's paying for a fleet of cleaning laides, too.

So let's reconcile that with yesterday's teaching from Pp. Francis, shall we?

..."We must always pray to the "master of the harvest ", that is God the Father, to send labourers to work in his field which is the world".  The mission is based on prayer;  which requires detachment and poverty...
Calling George Orwell!!  Let's discuss 'more equal,' shall we?

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