Saturday, July 06, 2019

Lee Iacocca On US/Chinese Trade Problem

No, Lee did NOT address the trade-deficit with Red China.

But you don't have to be very smart to switch out "Japanese" for "Chinese."  The Donald should take notes.

This is a great speech by a great man.

RIP, Lee!!  A patriot, and a populist.  Just like 'nationalist populist,' ya'know.

Not that Iacocca was a fan of Trump or the financialization (read:  banks) of the economy:

"I know Trump fairly well. Now that's an ego that's gone screw-loose, gone haywire. What the business establishment of this country has to do is get away from this new financial-transaction mentality. It used to be that Wall Street, the financial markets and the banks were there to promote and fund the companies that produced goods and created jobs. Now they've taken on a life of their own: 'What's the play? Where can we make a fast buck?' What we really need to do in this country is get back to the factory floors."
Well, Trump must have learned something from Lee, regardless of 'screw-loose...haywire', eh?

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