Saturday, July 27, 2019

Making a Fool of Trump

There are some things about which Trump knows zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  And he was suckered into one of those just this year.

When the FIRST STEP act was making its way through Congress, its advocates claimed that only “non-violent” federal prisoners would be released from prison early. By non-violent felons they meant, in essence, drug dealers, as opposed to, say, murderers, rapists, and armed robbers....

...Contrary to what they promised, their law is letting violent offenders out of prison early....
The law was written very badly--maybe Kim Kardashian or Jared Kushner drafted it?  As a result, "good time" was credited to EVERY Fed prisoner, not just the "non-violent" ones.

So make sure your doors are locked and you have defensive firepower available.

Thanks, Donald and Jared!!  Thanks, Kim, you dumb-ass babe.

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