Monday, July 22, 2019

Boehner (R-Dopers) and Crowley (D-Entitled)....Sheesh

Don Surber discovers the most interesting tidbits.

"Former House Speaker John Boehner and former Rep. Joe Crowley are joining forces in a bipartisan effort to combat a looming pension crisis affecting nearly 1.3 million American retirees 

They are 'multi-employer' pension plans; the ones in trouble are almost exclusively Teamster plans.

Surber acidly notes that both Boehner--a 'legal dope' advocate---and Crowley--who lost his ass position to AOC--are both guaranteed a VERY fat pension and that it's 'very nice' for them to actually give a damn about real people.

One may argue that the Teamsters' programs were far too generous, of course.  And one may also argue that Boehner's cavalier attitude towards Medicare/Medicaid abuse-and-fraud created a lot more problems than multi-employer pension plans.

But hey!  Nobody else in Congress gives a flipping damn, either.

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