Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Is Tucker Channeling E Michael Jones?

You should be familiar with Tucker Carlson.  In January, he unloaded on the economic structure in this country which is ripping families apart.

A couple of days ago, he gave a speech at a gathering of conservatives and re-stated the theme from his January tirade.

Then he added this:

...Carlson continued to explain that when the left praises topics like abortion due to their economic benefits, what they really mean is that “unencumbered by concerns of family and children, women can become obedient servants to global capitalism.”...

That comes straight from the E Michael Jones playbook; just ask Mike about "The Oligarchs" sometime, or read his book "Libido Dominandi" wherein he explains exactly how the Oligarchs get control over a large chunk of the West.

Jones is strong medicine; one may not like all his opinions.  But he's identified the bad guys pretty well, and whether by co-incidence or not, Tucker found the same people under the same rock.


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