Friday, July 05, 2019

+Cupich, Clever Forgetter

Whatever else he may be, Cdl Cupich is a clever forgetter.  Forgetfulness is important to making his ideological--but non-sensical--case for Open Borders.  So he forgets damn near all of human history happening between 400 BC and today.  Convenient, yes.  Sensible?  Nope. 

“In the Old Testament, God clearly and consistently urges hospitality and generosity toward the stranger and the Catholic Church welcomes migrants and stands in solidarity with them,” said Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, archbishop of Chicago.

The Cardinal "forgot" that the Catholic Church is not ancient Israel (otherwise she would not be called the "NEW" Israel, see??)

+Cupich also "forgot" that the world of the O.T. was not the world of today.  There were no passports, no established 'borders,' and where there were 'nation-states', they were tribal, not idea-based.  In fact, the concept of "citizen" didn't really develop until (at the earliest) the city-states of Greece, or perhaps as late as the 1700's.  Even then, look at Europe, Africa, and Asia; it's very easy to see the boundaries established by tribes, even though they have become modern-day 'nation-states.'

Most important, +Cupich "forgot" that the Jews of the O.T. operated under the Law of Moses, which was not just the Ten Commandments.  This is significant because the Law of Moses (the shellfish-and-pork stuff) was explicitly jettisoned by Christ, while at the same time He retained the Big Ten.

Ideologues of all stripes tend to 'forget' things which seriously weaken their case.  In this instance, there IS no "case" for open borders, so +Cupich attempts to blind you with foo-foo dust.  After all, he's gotten away with that for years. 

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