Sunday, July 28, 2019

On Baltimore

So happens that ZMan is a resident of Baltimore, and he has a couple of handy facts.

...Of course, no one will bother disputing the facts of Trump’s tweets. That’s a dangerous subject that must never be mentioned. Any examination of Baltimore would not only reveal Trump is right, but also reveal those things we all know are true, but are told we must never mention. Baltimore is a black city and the highest crime areas are the blackest areas. For example, 92.9% of those arrested for murder are black and 91% of their victims are black. Crime in Baltimore is a black thing....

Now you know why Gwen Moore has kept her mouth shut about Trump, eh?

Cummings, the Congress-slime from west Baltimore, however, is another matter.  He runs his mouth, despite his wife's shady "charity" which has been a topic of discussion for a few months.  However, Cummings has never encountered someone like Trump, who hits back, twice as hard.

If Elijah has half a brain, he'll STFU.  Or his wife may find herself in front of a Federal grand jury.

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