Monday, July 08, 2019

"Antifa" = Communist Party USA

Posobiec has studied these violent revolutionaries (beloved by the Mayor of Portland, OR) and has very interesting observations about them.

Won't surprise you to learn they're just another Communist front, like the National Lawyers' Guild, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, and the International Workers of the World.  Except these guys are violent.

They are also 'community organizers'!!  Yup.  They are very organized.  Their storm-trooper routines include four levels of command and control; you may think there's just some random shouting going on, but it is NOT 'random' at all, and the movements of their grunts are highly coordinated.

Posobiec understands the play here:  Antifa's objective is to cause an equal and opposite reaction, touching off a riot or three, preferably with dead bodies and lots of hospitalizations.  Their allies, the MFM, will disseminate the Correct Propaganda, of course; it will be TrumpFascists who get the blame.

Look for this bunch at the party conventions next summer, but be aware:  they'll be popping up in other venues before then, too.

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Aqua said...

I have watched their tactics closely. They remind me of the American Indian. There is a logic and system to their violence, noise and organized chaos.

Disorient with noise and numbers first. Slow, slow, slow ... noise, lots of noise .,, followed by lightning thrust, followed by defensive perimeter, withdrawal, disappear, move, re-emerge, re-form, repeat.

And like the 19th century Indian Wars they are terribly effective against an unarmed, unprepared foe that can’t figure out where the next blow is coming from and can’t think clearly enough to respond due to the noise and random violence. Victims are picked off individually, one by one, easiest to hardest.

But they (Indians / Black Hats) fold like a tent when faced with organized, overwhelming, military style force and tactics, used to violence, that sees, knows and is disciplined enough to impose its will and overwhelming firepower against the dancing warriors from hell (black hats).

The problem is will. They have it. In abundance. Our nation, our government, either does not have it or favors the “Indian” over the “settler”. A real problem. We are seemingly more defenseless than I’d thought.