Monday, July 22, 2019

Notice That Rush Is Flogging More Products?

Not that long ago, Limbaugh personally promoted a product or two with not-very-frequent commercials.  Now it's nearly non-stop, from his $27.76 tee-shirt (yes, that was NOT a typo) to ultra-expensive sheets, stopping along the way for home-security systems and the ever-more-rare caller, unless that caller is ALSO flogging one of the products.

It's been rumored that his audience is falling off.  Perhaps that 'splains all this.  


Unknown said...

Rush is donating profits to the organization that pays off mortgages for families of deceased police, firemen and military. Per the organization on Fox's "Fox & Friends" they have receive over $ 2,000,000 as of yesterday from the shirts.

Mike Pietrek

Dad29 said...

I know that. He is a generous fellow--and with all the product-flogging he does, he can afford to be that.