Thursday, July 11, 2019

Was Dershowitz a Messenger in Sex Case?

The Palm Beach County prosecutor, Barry Krisher, wanted to let Epstein go free.  This infuriated the cop-shop which had Epstein six ways from Sunday on child-rape and pimping.

The US attorney, Acosta, created a case against Epstein and got some Huber-style jail time AND put him on the sex-offender registry AND gave the victims a pathway to damage suits.

But what about Dershowitz.  Here's an interesting couple of grafs....

...The article alleged investigators who handled the Palm Beach case said Krischer pressured them to downgrade charges against the billionaire to a misdemeanor, or to drop the case completely.
Joseph Recarey, a detective who worked the Epstein case, told The Herald that Alan Dershowtiz, Epstein’s lawyer, flew to Florida to meet privately with Krischer.

Recarey also told The Herald that in May 2006, he drew up probable cause affidavits that charged Epstein and three associates with a slew of sex crimes. But instead of pushing forward with the case, Krischer referred the case to a state grand jury, which returned an indictment on a single count of soliciting prostitution.

According to The Herald, Recarey said Krischer told him he did not believe Epstein’s accusers. Only two out of more than a dozen of Epstein’s alleged victims testified before the grand jury....
So was Dershowitz being a "defense lawyer" or was he really a messenger from Clinton, or others still not mentioned?

Inquiring minds, and all that....

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Anonymous said...

Dershowitz has always been a not-entirely-covert fixer for hire. Show him the money and he'll show you the way, but he's not a clumsy dumbass that would leave an incriminating paper trail ending at his wallet. Political favors prevailed at both the state and federal level in Florida in 2008 for no other reasons than to protect Hillary Clinton's political ambitions and to a lesser degree Bill Clinton's legacy. It is illogical to think that Epstein's counselor had nothing to do with those favors. In its most practical sense fully prosecuting Epstein at either the state or federal level in 2008 without blessing from above would have been career suicide at best or double-tap Fostered on a park bench at worst.

Acosta is only slightly cleaner than Krisher in this, but the real truth is that the Clinton's have always been above the law and Friends of Bill enjoy a modicum of protection while under the Clinton shadow.