Monday, July 08, 2019

Simulated Dead Fish. OMG!!

How long can a 'newspaper' survive on click-bait?

Imagine sauntering up to your favorite Wisconsin lake and recoiling from the stench of rotting fish and the sight of pale carcasses littering the shoreline.

Imagine is the operative word here.

"While intuitive, we haven't been able to establish a causal relationship between warmer water temperatures and large animal die-offs. Historically, it's been hard to understand what causes these die-offs because they're rare and unpredictable,"

I see.

...Rypel and Fey both knew of a data set that contained simulated water temperature data for more than 10,000 Midwest lakes dating back to 1975 and forecast out to 2099. ...
Yes.  And I have pictures of me which simulate me to be Cary Grant.  Or maybe Clint Eastwood, right out to 2099, inclusive!!!

...Rypel, who previously worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,  also knew the DNR had a large database on fish kills in Wisconsin from 2004 to 2014....
And just like the good fairy sang:  "Put 'em together and whaddya got?  Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!!"  And a big Federal grant, too!!

You can read the rest.  They simulate a projection simulating 80 years forward.  I still look like Clint Eastwood, and fish are dead.  Imagination counts.

One thing missing from the article?

The NUMBER of fish-kills in the 10 year period.  But hey!  Simulation-wise, who cares?

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