Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Democrats' New Leaders

Ms. Kelly of Chicago defines the Democrat leadership.

One is an ungrateful refugee from a war-torn African nation who consistently demeans the country that saved her and her family. Another is a foul-mouthed historical illiterate who called the president a “motherf—er” and vowed to impeach him the very night she was sworn in as a new congresswoman. Yet another is a camera-hungry drama queen who injects gender, race, and nationality into every political debate because she can’t win on the merits of her argument. And one represents a congressional seat once held by John F. Kennedy and, on the night of her primary victory, called the president a “racist, misogynistic, truly empathy-bankrupt man.”...

...As the squad tells it, white men are villains and captors, and white supremacists lurk in every corner of America. The plight of illegal immigrants is more important than the plight of working-class citizens in the Midwest. And the United States is a menace to the world. Earlier this week, Omar mocked the notion of “America the Great” and confessed she is “ashamed of . . . continuing to live in [America’s] hypocrisy.”...
Move aside, Chuckles and Nancy (and Joe, and Lizzie, and Cory, and Beetle, and Buttplug.....)

Sure, they're just bratty broads carrying the Communist Manifesto in their bags--and most American citizens are revolted or perhaps amused.

But they're all yours, Democrats!!  Congrats.  And for those twits:  GFY.

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