Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Leadership" From Abp. Listecki

For the second time in very recent memory, the Dominican nuns of Racine, WI., will be hosting a homosexual event.  They call it a "retreat."  OK, sure, whatever......

The last one featured a priest of the Milwaukee Archdiocese who is infamous for material heresy.  Abp. Listecki was warned about him (and all the other homosex problems) but still cannot find the courage to tell the nuns to go back to where they came from.  This one features a retired priest (D.C.) who works part-time as an (illegal-immigration) lawyer for Catholic Charities.  (Think about THAT, friends.)

...Church Militant reached out to the archdiocese of Milwaukee for comment about their approval of the retreat scheduled within their jurisdiction. Amy Grau, the communication director for the archdiocese, said: "The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is not connected to this event. In addition, there has been concern that the Racine Dominicans allowed their retreat center to be used by a group [New Ways Ministry] censured by the Church."...

Oh, wow!!  "Concern"!!!!  

Is that like when Mommy asks if you've brushed your teeth before bed?

Shouldn't it be more like "You're going straight to Hell if you keep this up, and you're taking  MY ARCHDIOCESE with you!!  Now get thee away from here, Satan!"

This Archbishop is a commissioned officer in the US Army.  The US Army should take a hard look at its standards for leaders.

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