Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Sorry State of Catcechisis in Milwaukee

We have here a blogpost from a woman who claims to be Catholic.  First graf:

Sleep still in my eyes, hair a la Anna on Elsa’s coronation day, groggily to my husband I stammered, “If an estimated 30 to 60 percent of Catholic priests are gay, what would happen if they all came out together? I mean, the Catholic Church would either have to deal or crumble. They already don’t have enough priests - look how they’re combining churches all over the place. Don’t the priests see the power they have together? And is it not their duty to themselves, to us all, Catholics or not, to live truthfully and to love like Jesus? What if, 50 years after the Stonewall Riots, Catholic priests of all sexualities finally had enough support to stand together, hand-in-hand, unwilling to be oppressed any longer?”...
 "....of ALL sexualities?"  How many are there?   

And who the hell wakes up with that question on their alleged 'mind'?  

One more thing:  do you "oppress" your priest if he's a homosexual?

You're thinking what I thought:  "Oh, really?  Catholic??"

Caption under a picture:

Father Greg Greiten Performs Catholic Mass of Inclusion

Yah.  That line confirms it.  If this woman is Catholic, she's either the most mal-formed "Catholic" within 200 miles, or............wait for it..........she's lying.

No Catholic priest "performs Mass."  And there is no Catholic "Mass of Inclusion."

Catholics who know the landscape in Milwaukee also know all about Good Shepherd parish.  The founding pastor was--arguably--the first major material heretic-pastor in the Archdiocese.  I know that because the guy was a shirt-tail relative of mine.  But his family had money, so +Cousins, Weakland's predecessor, ..........ahhh..........overlooked..........the problem priest.  The church building was designed to be Lutheran:  there is no Real Presence in the nave AT ALL.

There are no coincidences.  And--once again--we note that there is no public statement from our Archbishop, "Kitten" Listecki.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a parish to petition seceding from a diocese to join another?

Dad29 said...

Better: is it possible for committed laymen to expel a parish from their Diocese?