Friday, July 05, 2019

To War or Not? The Progressive Answer(s)

Perhaps it's coincidence, but Tom Clancy said there is no such thing....

Anyhow, Peter gave us a short excerpt from Angelo Codevilla wherein Codevilla describes the transformation of American foreign policy with specific regard to war.

The shape of U.S. foreign policy for most of the 20th century and into our own time was set by Progressive Republican statesmen, Elihu Root and Henry L. Stimson. They believed that military action should be pursued, if at all, for international peace and order, not to advance specifically American interests.
The "America First" movement, opposed to GloboWar-for-Peace, arose and attracted men such as J. F. Kennedy, Lindbergh, and Gerry Ford, who opposed 'internationalism' in the '30's.  P J Buchanan carried the "America First" banner in the recent past, and to some extent, Trump has carried it forward and has given the movement new life and legitimacy.  That represents a solid defeat for the NeoCon GloboWarmonger bunch which infested the Weekly Standard, the State Department, and much of the military establishment, (not to mention military suppliers.)

All this confusion brought an interesting reaction from Soros and the Koch Boyzzzz.

...There’s a new “anti-war” think tank coming to town. It will promote a new US foreign policy — one based on diplomacy instead of sanctions and war. Sounds great, until you hear it's being funded by Soros and Koch....

The Globe writes that this will mean its writers will "likely" advocate for things like pulling US troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, putting an end to regime change wars and “less confrontational” policies toward China and Russia. 

The problem here is not the concept. It’s just a question of whether or not the venture can actually be taken seriously when Soros and Koch’s fingerprints are already all over the world’s current endless wars, conflicts and regime changes....quoted at Vox

Vox Day understands this very well.

It's neoclowns from top to bottom and they're attempting to subvert the opposition to neoclown warmongering by taking control of the opposition to imperialist warfare. National Review and the modern conservative movement are the model; the plutocrats provide lavish funding for a false front organization that is designed to vacuum up all the minds, money, and media that might otherwise go to the genuine opposition....
Or maybe the Koch Boyzzzzz ran out of money?


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