Saturday, July 27, 2019

Voices in Joe Walsh's Head....

On occasion, I drive through Chicago and listen to AM radio.  On the way to Larry Elder's hour, there is a speed-bump named Joe Walsh.  It's what you get.  Oh, well.

The other night Walsh, who apparently despises Donald Trump, proclaimed that Mitch McConnell was blocking legislation which would keep Russia from interfering with US elections.  (Sure.  The Russkies will go away quietly.  And rain falls up on Walsh's planet where the sky is green.)

More:  Walsh tells his listeners that McConnell is blocking this stuff because it makes Trump feel better--that Trump is SO megalomaniacal that talk of Russians and elections would set him off....

Oddly enough, that's exactly the line. pushed by Known Perjurer Clapper and some DC camp-follower named Dana Milbank.

To these people, the Russians actually DID elect Donald Trump.  Unfortunately that's not remotely close to true, and Federalizing the elections is the real goal here, so people like Clapper, Milbank, Comey, and the Striped-Pants worshipers at American Conservative can "assist" us in our voting.

THOSE are the voices in Walsh's head.  But they may not be the only ones--fair warning if you listen to AM in Chicago, friends.

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