Friday, July 19, 2019

Whence Trump's "Flight 93" Election?

Look around the intertubes and you'll find a great deal of discussion about the recent 'conservative conference' held in D.C.  ZMan has a couple of reports, as does Federalist,  and The Stream chimes in, too.  Zman's reporting differs from that of the others, by the way.  He's a bit more 'E Michael Jones' on the event regarding the Jewish influence.  But all three of the reporters directly or indirectly brought up 'the Oligarchies', and not favorably.  (See update below!!)

Both Federalist and The Stream concentrated on the 'social conservative' aspects of the event.  Both decried the Libertarian-influenced lassitude of the Republicans on matters which are consequential:  family and morals, which lassitude has dominated Republican party policy and poohbahs since GHWBush.  What's been the focus instead?  Money.  Making more, no matter how.

Federalist wrote up a lecture by J D Vance which they loved; they also sent kudos to Tucker Carlson.  The criticism of the GOP was acerbic.

...The GOP is hardly libertarian in foreign policy, as it has been hawkish about idiotic wars for the last two decades. It is hardly conservative in domestic politics, where it has accepted the sexual revolution, porn, and drug use as inevitable.

The GOP has, in fact, perpetuated a mix of the worst of two worlds, when average American (and Western) citizens would prefer exactly the opposite: a bit more state authority in the technology sector and in drug enforcement, a bit more cultural chauvinism and pride in Western culture, a bit more balance in upholding societal norms, and a bit less interventionism abroad. With the Western left disintegrating, this is a perfect time for the GOP to take up those platforms, but that requires policy formulations, not polemics.

Ultimately, this appears to be a return to a more old-fashioned conservatism, one aimed at harnessing authority to maximize social good. The broad coalition between libertarians and conservatives might still exist on foreign policy, which is returning to its noninterventionist roots, but in domestic politics, the rift seems inevitable....
If the red-highlighted text looks familiar, it should:  that's basically Trump's platform.  His election was not some sort of freakish Black Swan event at all, friends; in the primaries, it was a rejection of standard Republican/Libertarian/Corporatism/Adventurism.  And in the general, it was a rejection of  standard Democrat/Libertine/Welfare-ism/MonsterGov/Amorality.

It was the "Flight 93" election:  with no other option, crash into the pilot's cabin and attack.

Exactly what the voters did.

UPDATE:  Crisis' Austin Ruse also wrote it up.  But I don't have time right now.....except for this:

T...his new coalition does not want the federal government that small or to leave us alone. It wants government involved in fixing specific societal pathologies, including all those Mary mentioned and many more. J.D. Vance of Hillbilly Elegy fame was explicit in this, as was Tucker Carlson, and many others....
...which should whet your appetite to read the whole thing.)

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