Saturday, July 13, 2019

Where's Tariffmageddon??

Contrary to the wailing and screeching of the Chamber of Commerce twits and their running-dog lackey RadioMouths, "Tariffmageddon" has not arrived.

...The most recent evidence against what trade expert Alan Tonelson calls Tariffmageddon scaremongering comes from Friday’s release of the producer-price index, which mostly measures the prices businesses receive for their goods and services. This rose a seasonally adjusted 0.1 percent in June from a month earlier, the Labor Department said. From a year earlier, the producer-price index increased by 1.7 percent.

The unchanged prices for goods less food and energy categories is especially notable because the prices for services is showing some healthy signs of inflation, rising 0.4 percent for the month. Goods less food and energy is more or less the “tradeable sector” of the economy and the broadest category where tariffs would show up if they were to hit consumers....
Tod, wo ist ein stachel?

Under Clinton, Bush, and Obozo, our "betters" gave away billions of dollars of jobs, taken from US citizens and sacrificed to Big Money and to the largest geopolitical threat to the US:  Red China.

Trump saw it and put it into full reverse.

You're never going to hear an apology from the people who screwed you and your children, of course.  All you get is the satisfaction of seeing the jobs come back, for the time being.

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