Thursday, July 18, 2019

Larison Loves Him Some Muslim Communist

The Striped-Pants Wannabee wackdoodle (he has a Ph.D., you know) loves him some Muslima-Communist.

He starts by quoting a Dreher lie.

...And now, on the right, we have the man with the biggest megaphone in the country leading a mob in chanting for the expulsion of a political opponent...--Dreher, inventing 'leading a ...chant...'
And he's off!!  (UPDATE:  Trump says he 'disagrees' with that chant.)  

Here's Larison's next orgasm of lying:

...Trump’s lies about and attacks on Rep. Omar over the last several days are of a piece with his hostility to Muslims and his contempt for refugees and immigrants. He has made a point of targeting her on account of her race and religion.....
Like anyone else who can see TeeVee and read Twitter, it is clear that "race" was never, ever, a part of Trump's game here.  And of course, Trump--like any Christian or Jew--is sensibly concerned with SOME Muslims.  The ones who take the Koran seriously, the ones who attack the USA or its allies, the ones who are killing and raping Catholics all over Africa, the ones who threaten our overseas allies.........and there are more.

And since Omar has NEVER condemned AlQuaeda, nor the 9/11 attacks--and has a website chock-ful of class warfare, a Marxist/Communist flag if there ever was one, and further, since Trump is contemptuous of ILLEGAL immigrants and FRAUDULENT refugees......

Some people are educated way beyond their intelligence.  Larison, Ph.D., joins +Rembert Weakland in that group.

Oh, well.  Maybe Larison could go to Somalia, solve the problems, there, and THEN come back here and show us how it's done.  Anyone want to contribute to airline tix?

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