Sunday, August 26, 2018

Two Men, (Continued)

Another study in two men.

...Regarding Cupich, one cannot fail to note his ostentatious arrogance, and the insolence with which he denies the evidence that is now obvious to all: that 80% of the abuses found were committed against young adults by homosexuals who were in a relationship of authority over their victims. During the speech he gave when he took possession of the Chicago See, at which I was present as a representative of the Pope, Cupich quipped that one certainly should not expect the new Archbishop to walk on water. Perhaps it would be enough for him to be able to remain with his feet on the ground and not try to turn reality upside-down, blinded by his pro-gay ideology, as he stated in a recent interview with America Magazine. Extolling his particular expertise in the matter, having been President of the Committee on Protection of Children and Young People of the USCCB, he asserted that the main problem in the crisis of sexual abuse by clergy is not homosexuality, and that affirming this is only a way of diverting attention from the real problem which is clericalism. In support of this thesis, Cupich “oddly” made reference to the results of research carried out at the height of the sexual abuse of minors crisis in the early 2000s, while he “candidly” ignored that the results of that investigation were totally denied by the subsequent Independent Reports by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2004 and 2011, which concluded that, in cases of sexual abuse, 81% of the victims were male.  --Excerpted from the letter of Cdl. Vigano, former Vatican [Ambassador] to the US

"Ostentatious arrogance."  Hmmmm.

Contrast with Fr. Frank Phillips, accused (many say dishonestly) of a 'non-criminal' act (both in Canon Law and in civil law) so as to force him to give up the pastor's slot at St. John Cantius of Chicago.

You never heard a peep from Fr. Phillips, other than "I'm leaving and will be moving to St Louis."


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GOR said...

Minor point, Dad. Vigano is not a Cardinal, but an Archbishop.

He should have been a Cardinal. But after he tried to expose corruption in the Curia (when Secretary General of the Governatorate of Vatican City in a letter to Pope Benedict), he was shipped off to the US as Nuncio and never made a Cardinal - under the rubric of 'promoveatur ut amoveatur'.

I believe he is a stand-up, honest guy, which is more than can be said about the people he named.