Monday, August 27, 2018

The Massingale Scandal: Where Is the Archbishop of Milwaukee??

The Archbishop of Milwaukee, +Jerome Listecki, can't seem to find the courage to send Fr. Massingale a registered return-receipt letter, telling him that he may not speak here, nor lead any "retreat", whether for homosexuals or straights. 

This is how scandal spreads, as Pope Francis recently learned.  Maybe Pope Francis doesn't care, but the Archbishop should, right??

Here's a sample of Massingale in action: asked Rev. Massingale, “Section 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says that ‘homosexual acts are contrary to the natural law.  They close the sexual act to the gift of life.  They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.’ That’s a quote. So, from your presence here today, is it safe to say that both of you disagree with this portion of Catholic law?”

Rev. Massingale said, “First, we have to become clear about, that it’s not Catholic law, it’s a Catholic teaching. It’s a distinction and a difference there. So let’s phrase your question more precisely –” at which point asked, “Do you disagree with Catholic teaching on that?”

Rev. Massingale then said, “I would be much more nuanced instead of saying agree or not because I think the issue before us right now as Congress, or as a body, is this: Regardless of human behavior, what is our stance regarding the protection of fundamental human dignity?  -- which is the reason why I phrased my intervention the way I did.”...

Not "Yes, I agree with the Church's teaching."  Nope.  Just don't answer the question, as that wouldn't be good for The Cause.  Deflect, defer, blather.    

This is what the Archbishop won't terminate.

Oh. but there's more!!

No matter what you think of "transgender" people--whether mentally ill, or horribly confused--"Fr." Massingale has the answer!!

...The main presenters were a young man and young woman, Mateo and Anna. Their powerful stories of their struggles over realizing the deep disjunction between their birth bodies and their inner sense of being a man or a woman were heartbreaking and inspiring. Both also movingly related how their “transition” into their transgender bodies was a faith journey as well. I was struck by their heartfelt conviction that accepting their true gender identities led them to a deeper and more authentic relationship with God. ...

Making up a "reality" distinct from what is true will not 'lead to a more authentic relationship with' Truth.  Compassion does not "accompany" one further into fantasy worlds.  Instead, genuine Catholic compassion accompanies one to the Truth and the salvation present there.

Massingale is most infamous for his op-ed published in Abp. Dolan's own newspaper (!!!) in which Massingale begged Wisconsin Catholics to approve homosexual "marriage."  In the letter, he proposed that "families" of homosexual marriages would be better protected because of the legal structure surrounding traditional marriage for such things as inheritance, hospital visitation, etc..

In other words, vote for "gay" marriage because the end (legal protections) would justify the means (gay marriage).  Every Catholic knows that the end NEVER justifies the means.  Never.  Ever.  At one time, even the Jesuits knew that.  Now Massingale teaches at Fordham, and had taught at Marquette.

Even more noxious is Massingale's declaration that 'sin was a development of the Council of Trent.'  Aside from the utterly ludicrous proposition (to which Moses might have a response), it is a very crude way of dissociating 'sin' from 'natural law.'  That fits perfectly into the homosexualist's propaganda scheme.

Massingale won't agree with the Catechism's teaching.  He begs for gay "marriage."  He thinks that trans-sexual's fantasies are a means of 'better knowing God.'  He invents moral history from thin air.

The Archbishop won't stop him, won't answer the questions from the press, won't point out the errors Massingale spreads.

That begs the question:  "Why do we have an Archbishop?"


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