Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Weigel: Stuffed Shirt, Pompous Prune or Disconnected Dodo?

A number of years ago, Weigel was the Guest Big-Name Speaker at a fundraising dinner for a local Catholic school.  (The school was Catholic because Rembert Weakland had nothing to do with it.)

Weigel launched into his speech by insulting Catholics who worshipped with the Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass.  It didn't take long for me to go to 'speech-sleep' mode.  I didn't miss anything, by the way.

Stuffed shirt?  Pompous prune?  Disconnected dodo??

Today,  Weigel has more words from his mountain, wherever that might be.

...Denying the reality of intrinsically evil acts helped create a dynamic of license in which abusive clergy gave themselves passes on other issues. Authentic reform now means restoring the moral foundations of Catholicism. Thus it is imperative that both Rome and the U.S. bishops reaffirm the reality of intrinsically evil acts as taught by the 1993 encyclical Veritatis Splendor....

And thus, the remedy for the current horrific scandal?

...That will almost certainly mean responsible laity helping good bishops call their less-than-effective or less-than-honest brother-bishops to their duty when necessary. Bishops should welcome such help, not resist it; lay Catholics must understand that bishops are the bottom line of Church governance....

I don't know if Weigel is on a remote mountain, or in a different solar system altogether.   ' do duty....'?  Really?  How about hot tar and lots of feathers?  The rack?  Iron maiden?

I think "Pompous Prune," but "Disconnected Dodo" is a strong contender.

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jmbutk said...

What we need is The Tenth Crusade: the great purging of homos from the Church.