Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How Far the Catholic League Has Fallen

At one time, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights was headquartered in Milwaukee--at the Catholic Knights Tower on Wells Street.  At that time, it was run by Fr. Virgil Blum, S.J. (when most of the Jesuits were actually Catholic!!) and employed a few laymen and women who managed the goings-on.

I met one of those lay staffers, Mike Schwartz,  in the early '80's; he told me that it was clear that "Rembert Weakland was a man educated far beyond his intelligence!", a description which now seems to characterize most of the US Catholic Bishops.

Anyhow.  The League moved to New York City and is now run by a rather aggressive (and VERY well-paid) guy who seems to think that his salary depends on defending the Catholic Hierarchy, no matter what.  He does that by defaming unhappy Catholic conservatives, of course; it's all he has, and it's what he does.

$500K/year for that crap, Donohue?  Is that what 30 pieces of silver comes to these days?

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