Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Notes on the Primary

Leah wins in a landslide.

A substitute radio-host  commented on Monday?  (Friday?)  that Vukmir had not purchased any radio ad slots for about three weeks.  Naturally, being a RadioGuy, he opined that this was a grave error on her part.

Evidently the internal polls told Leah & Co. that advertising would be a waste of resources.  Clearly, that was the case!

Minor, minor, note:  a friendly young man hit my doorbell yesterday, encouraging me to go vote for Nicholson. 

Even more minor note:  "Red" Fred Kessler lost his primary in Milwaukee yesterday.  I'm tempted to make a comparison to the Occasional-Cortex race in NYC.

Of interest going forward:  The (D) race garnered 550K voters; the Pubbies only 450K.  While the D numbers probably reflect the overabundance of flavor-choices in the gubernatorial primary,  it's also possible that the Ds are actually motivated.  Walker is insisting that they are coming after him tooth and nail.  But I can't imagine that either Evers or Precious Tammy motivates black turnout, without which D hopes are........ahhh........challenged.

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