Wednesday, August 08, 2018

False Dilemma in Wauwatosa; Hold On To Your Wallets!!

So happens we have a couple of close friends who own property in Wauwatosa who are directly in the cross-hairs of the Wauwatosa Big Spenders Club--which is the Board of Education and the Common Council's Finance Committee.

Wauwatosa staff is proposing a $30 registration fee/wheel tax as part of the 2019 capital budget.
Ruggini, during the Finance Committee July 31, said he targeted an amount he thought necessary to replace sufficient borrowing to allow the city to remain within its debt policy benchmarks while still having some funding available for bike and pedestrian improvements, as well, which are a challenge to fund. ...

(What is it with "As well"?  It's useless in the above graf, but is more and more common in the speech of Gen-X people who are apparently semi-literate.  /rant)

Anyhow, here's how the false dilemma is set up:

...In order to ensure that the city remains within these benchmarks, reduces exposure to increasing interest rates, decreases future debt service costs and reduces its reliance on borrowing, a $30 vehicle registration fee will be recommended for inclusion in the 2019 capital budget, according to Ruggini's online memo. ....

Umnnnnhhhhh.......OR, Mr. Ruggini, Tosa could SPEND LESS in OPERATING FUNDS, thus making those dollars available for capital funds.

Somehow, REDUCED SPENDING never crossed the "minds" of the Tosa Establishment.

Time to sell your property.  BTW, in this little corner of the world, auto registration is $75.00/year.  The Tosa proposal will bring their fee to .........ready??...........$135.00/year.  Sheesh!

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