Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Study in Humility: Two Men

We now know that Pp. Francis is All Hat, No Cattle on the matter of punishment for predator Cardinals.  This is made extremely clear by the testimony of Cdl. Vigano, the former Vatican Delegate (Ambassador) to the US.

Francis knew--as of 2013--what McCarrick did, and to whom; Vigano TOLD him, and there is a dossier on McCarrick which is rather thick.

But Francis ignored all that, released McCarrick from the shackles Benedict XVI had placed on him, and plowed ahead, appointing allies of McCarrick to a number of plum spots in the US and the Vatican.

Francis and McCarrick strutted about, crowing and preening thereafter, with Francis daring to mouth platitudes about "transparency" (see his August 12th letter) and "reparation."

In other words, Francis tried to baffle us with bullshit.

Meantime, Cdl. Vigano also explains that Cdl. Burke got the axe from the Congregation for Bishops--and that that particular move was made at the behest of McCarrick.

You didn't learn that from Cdl. Burke, did you?  You didn't hear him name names, or say what he KNEW to be true about his removal (or of his removal from the Condom-Suppliers of Malta--undoubtedly related to the Queer Infestation)

Did you?


That difference between Francis and Burke tells you all you need to know about the virtue of humility.


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