Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Church and The Deep State

Rod Dreher has been deep in the muck of the continuing homosexual-predator scandal in the Catholic Church.  Can't say I agree with all his opinions (some of which are founded on yet-to-be-proven allegations), but in the main, Dreher gets it, unlike the Catholic Bishops in the USA, not to mention Honduras, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Chile, the Vatican, and who knows where else.

The Deep State, composed of CIA/State/FBI/NSA/IRS/EPA/DoJ/DoE, and some others, and probably including a number of Fed judges from bottom to top, is comparable to the hierarchy of the Church in a few ways. 

The important way?  They are in near-total control of their institution--the Church or the FedGov.  Reformers, if any, are few and far between and are usually dealt with through various means--threats on family, scurrilous/slanderous rumor-mongering, lawfare, fake criminal charges, endless and VERY costly 'investigations' with no particular object, "freeze-outs" from decisionmaking know the drill.

Barbara Tuchman, the historian, summarized the top-line similarities between the US Bishops and the Deep State:

1. obliviousness to the growing disaffection of constituents 2. primacy of self-aggrandizement 3. illusion of invulnerable status
That's the sitrep JUST BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONS in all of history.

Wonderful, ain'a? 

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