Friday, August 24, 2018

Archdiocese of Milwaukee Getting Nervous

Because the Walking Scandal, Fr. Bryan Massingale, will be "leading" a retreat for homosexual priests in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, said Archdiocese has been getting nasty mail from its members.

Gee.  I'm shocked!  The Archbishop told everybody that he didn't give permission, wasn't asked, and is certainly miffedPut out, even!  Not, no.  Not that.

Well, the cards and letters continue to come in, so the Archdiocese spent a few bucks on its PR agency and "inoculated" itself with a few planted TV-News stories.  And man alive, they did a good job of spinning those reporters!!  So the Archdiocese got its money's worth.


See, those new stories do NOT mention that Massingale wrote a letter imploring Wisconsin Catholics to approve "gay" marriage, when we faced a referendum on the matter.  They do NOT mention that ALL FOUR of Wisconsin's Bishops were opposed--in writing--to "gay" marriage, making Massingale into a homosexualist--which he has been ever since.

It's not "gay" priests.  We know about that.  It's about Massingale, the Walking Scandal.

And the Archbishop, who is miffed, maybe even put out, well---he can't tell Massingale that he's not welcome here, nor can he tell him that if he's here, he may not speak about his---ahhh---intrinsic problem.

And some people wonder why the priesthood is full to the top with homosexuals.


Dave P. said...

Fr. Massingale celebrated Mass at my parish not too long ago. I noticed that he used the pre-2010 version of Eucharistic Prayer II.

TLM said...

Of course he did....he's an 'anti Church rebel', and we're finding more and more of these yae hoos all the time on the INSIDE of the Church. Some people call them 'heretics'....I prefer to call them 'apostates'....because by their words and actions, they have left the faith ENTIRELY. And +Listecki is just one more mealy mouthed weak hearted prelate who cannot or will not control his own Diocese.

Anonymous said...

Really, Reesman is one of the most effeminate priests I’ve ever encountered.

Dad29 said...

I've met Fr Reesman. I think he's a very solid guy.

Here's the point on all that: it is NOT about homosexuals in the priesthood, albeit that is not good. Until and unless these guys have serious problems with chastity, I, like most Catholics, don't really care. They should not have been ordained--in fact, they should have been tossed out of the seminary. But it is what it is.

It's the lying, the cover-ups, the shrug of the shoulders. And of course, if the priest is a predator, we have a REAL problem.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but I believe the majority of priests have serious problems with chastity - manifested through many forms.

Dad29 said...

Maybe so. And?

What you (and I) don't know is unknown for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Who says I don’t know? You, Dad?