Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Curious Silence of Abp. Listecki

Pew-sitters in the Milwaukee Archdiocese have not seen the face of Abp. Listecki, nor heard his actual voice, in the matter of Fr. Bryan Massingale's upcoming "retreat-leadership" in Racine.

That's the most interesting takeaway from all three news-stories filed on the matter; those were on Channel 4, Channel 58, and now in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

One other consistency:  none of the news stories mentioned Massingale's op-ed favoring gay "marriage" in Wisconsin, nor his interesting/wackadoodle proclamation that 'morality was invented at Trent' which dissociates moral action from Natural Law.  In other words, the reporters were very adroitly "spun" by the Archdiocese (and by Massingale, of course.)

Abp Listecki wrote a letter.  That's all.  No face-time on TeeVee, no direct interface with the print media.  What's up with that??

One more minor note:  Milwaukee has TWO auxiliary Bishops.  You won't know that through any of the news-stories, either.

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