Friday, August 17, 2018

Disastrous Catholic Compromises, 1968 and 2005

Well, now, here's a theory which has been proven true.

...Bishop Barron also cautioned against what he called an “ideological” response. According to the bishop, those who raise concerns about Humanae Vitae, priestly celibacy, or “rampant homosexuality in the Church” may be riding a “hobby horse” and causing a “distraction”.

No one cares for the endless Catholic culture wars, but we should be wary of attempts to shut down frank discussion of how we got here. Bishop Barron’s list of taboo topics suggests that he – like most bishops – is keen to preserve the settlement of 1968.

In that year, Pope Paul VI famously reaffirmed Catholic teaching on birth control in Humanae Vitae, but then declined to discipline the many bishops and priests who rejected that teaching. The result was an uneasy truce: the teaching was formally upheld, but obedience to it was not demanded.
The same dynamic played out in 2005, when the Vatican decided that men with “deep-seated homosexual tendencies” should be barred from the priesthood....

Indeed.   Archbishop Cousins "silenced" discussion of artificial birth control from the pulpit in the mid-1960's; I was present when a pastor made the mistake of bringing it up in a sermon and a parishioner/OB-GYN complained.  The pastor was smacked down, hard.

And of course, the Vatican's prohibition on homosexual seminarians (which actually is a re-statement of a 1961 directive*) has been ignored, not only in Milwaukee, but in lots of other places. 

(It is NOT a coincidence that both "birth control" and homosexuality directives are ignored; theologically and philosophically they are tightly connected....but that's another conversation.)

The problem with homosexual priests is not limited to predatory abuser/rapists.  In Milwaukee, we have a  priest, Fr. Massingale, (currently in New York City, crapping all over Vince Lombardi's alma mater) who in effect campaigned for homosexual "marriage."   He's going to show up in the Archdiocese again, 'leading a retreat' for homosexual priests, which 'retreat' is sponsored by an extremist homosexualist anti-Catholic outfit called "New Ways Ministry."  The "Association of US Catholic Priests", of which Massingale is a member, is constantly agitating for ordination of more homosexuals

The Archbishop of Milwaukee mewled that he 'has no power' to prevent this.  There's a man without a chest!!  Ignore all that "commissioned officer in the US Army" stuff.  He's just a paper-pushing rear-echelon........ahhh........well.........

Most Catholics would not mind if their priest were homosexual, so long as the priest kept it in his pants at ALL times, preached solid Catholic doctrine, and did not flounce about.  Unfortunately, that's not the way things have worked out.  And with a Pope who seems to think Catholic doctrine is a sometimes thing, well, this will be a wild ride, eh?

*Here's the quote from 1961:  "Advantage to religious vows and ordination should be barred to those who are afflicted with evil tendencies to homosexuality or pederasty, since for them the common life and the priestly ministry would constitute serious dangers."  That's clear, no?  Well, not enough for Abp. Cousins or Abp. Weakland.

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