Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Bail Reform" a Horrible Joke

You've all read about the Mohammedans in New Mexico who were training children how to use AR-15's to commit mass murders in schools.  And how a 3-year-old kid had been killed there during some sort of Mohammedan religious ritual.

And how the judge did not require bail NOR put them in the slammer pending trial.

Yah, well, that's called "Bail Reform."  Sounds a lot like another George Soros plot to me.

"These people have been charged. They have not been convicted," said Leo Romero, a professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico Law School and the chairman of a committee that made recommendations on reforming cash bail in the state, which were adopted by the state Supreme Court in 2017.

"So you're balancing individual rights versus safety of the community, and the judge is weighing that when she is determining the evidence presented by the prosecutor," he said.

In 2014, the state Supreme Court, in New Mexico vs. Walter Ernest Brown, deemed that even if someone is charged with a serious offense, a judge has to make an individual determination on whether to detain the defendant before trial.

"Just because someone is charged with first-degree murder or first-degree sexual assault, that by itself is insufficient," Romero said. "The court's got to consider other evidence of whether the person might be a danger or a flight risk, such as the nature and circumstances, which is different than the charge itself."

First mistake:  letting a LawProf write the rules.  Second mistake:  taking stupid rules seriously.

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