Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Catholic Church? Or Federal Government??

YOU decide.

...It has become increasingly clear that the current problem with the episcopacy is a perversion of true hierarchy (sacred order) that has turned bishops from shepherds into middle managers, and the Vatican into a corporate headquarters full of bureaucrats, all of whom have lost touch with the Church’s mission and concentrate instead on growth of market share or, failing that, self-preservation....

Maybe Donald Trump should run for Pope, eh?

That graf describes the local Ordinary, H.E. Listecki, perfectly.  He's surrounded himself with Canon and civil lawyers (and he, too, has that mark of infamy on his resume) and has hunkered down, issuing bland, useless, and gutless "statements" while hoping that Catholics won't notice that his Diocese is filled with homosexual priests, at least one of which is a notorious dissenter (Massingale).

We'll see.  On September 15th, some people will be picketing the Chancery.  On October 2nd, others will be picketing the Dominican convent in Racine. 

See if your lawyers will help you then, Excellency.

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