Monday, August 27, 2018

Paul Ryan, Pathetic Sore Loser

Zman makes a very good point here.

...Once [Trump] won the election, the political establishment adjusted its tactics. Paul Ryan rallied the dweeb army inside the GOP to basically ignore Trump’s agenda. That’s why nothing happened on the border wall, immigration or infrastructure. The point is being made that working with Trump would be death for any Republican. In fact, the leadership went out of its way to make sure nothing Trump wanted was in the last budget. The message was being sent that the people in charge saw Trump as a hostile outsider to be resisted...

Not just a sore loser.  A pathetic, small, craven loser.  So Planned Parenthood Murder, Inc., will have its taxpayer money.  Again.  There will be more and more Mollies and Kates.

Gee, Paul, whatever happened to that nice "Catholic" boy you used to be??

Why should we assume that his hand-picked successor will be different, hmmmmm?

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