Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gee!! Shel Lubar Is Still a Democrat!!

The local rag's pathetic attempt to show that Tammy the Baby-Killer is 'good for biz.'

Shel Lubar has been a loyal (D) since he was in the Johnson Administration as the Big Kahuna at FHA.  It's a disappointment that he's in bed (figuratively only) with Baldwin the Baby-Killer, but not exactly a surprise.

The New York guy in the picture?  Another real shock.  To him, Milwaukee is the most racist city in the entire USA.  OK, then.

Tammy's a do-nothing, because Tammy has no agenda aside from Tammy.  She jumps on Trump's "America First" campaign, but tosses vets into the ashcan of history.

She has yet to explain her lovey-dovey take on illegals to the parents of their victims, by the way.

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