Friday, August 31, 2018

Smacking Swamp-Critters on the Nose

Trump has a lot of balls--which separates him from 99% of the effete twit-politicians in Federal, State, or local Government.  (Take, for example, Paul Ryan.  Please!!)

...President Donald Trump informed Congress on Thursday that he is canceling pay raises due in January for most civilian federal employees, citing budget constraints. But the workers still could see a slightly smaller boost in their pay under a proposal lawmakers are considering.

Trump said he was axing a 2.1 percent across-the-board raise for most workers as well as locality pay increases averaging 25.7 percent and costing $25 billion....

The amount of the raise is virtually insignificant.  But the amount of ululation, reeeee-reeeeeing, and hysterical screeching will be monumental.  Then there will be the pouting.  Finally, there will be even more of the insolence and bureaucratic inaction which we've all grown to know and love.

Then, after the Entitled Ones have pissed off enough Americans, there will be a furious reaction which will not be pretty. 

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