Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Queer Clergy Gets VERY Nervous

Gee.  It's almost as though they're worried about something.....

...Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, therefore urged a “complete and thorough removal of all homosexual clergymen from the Church,” according to The Associated Press.
“It is going to be difficult and will likely result in a very serious priest shortage. But it’s definitely worth the effort,” he added.

Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, said he “would be very careful” about arguing homosexuality among the clergy was the root cause of abuse.

“I really believe that the issue here is more about a culture of clericalism in which some who are ordained feel they are privileged and therefore protected so that they can do what they want,” he told America, a Jesuit magazine.

Rev. James Martin, an outspoken Jesuit priest in New York and editor-at-large of America, echoed Cupich’s concern, saying, “The idea of a purge of gay priests is both ridiculous and dangerous,” highlighting the fact that there is a substantial number of gay individuals within the priesthood....

Cupich is half-right:  there IS a problem with clericalism.  But for him to whistle past the homosexual graveyard (so to speak) is....ahhh......not very clever at all.  In fact, it's disgusting.

Martin, the country's leading homosexualist, would prefer that everybody just keep their jobs and not to worry!!!  He'll appear on Colbert's show and...ooooooh!!!.......Glam!  Fabulous!!

There's room for a serious discussion of 'what to do with homosexual priests who ARE chaste,' of course.  Haven't seen any interest from our Courageous Bishops in that convo, though.  Have you?? 

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