Sunday, August 05, 2018

Fake News Rolls On!! CBS/AFP Lying About Portland

It appears that Portland, OR. will be a hot-spot for some time to come.  Two pro-administration/pro-American groups (Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer) have demonstrated there for a few months, and the Communist-led "Antifa" activists have countered.

So yesterday, another demonstration, and sure enough, both SeeBeeEsss and the AFP lied like hell about who did what to whom.

...“In Portland, a massive demonstration by a right wing group turned violent,” are the first words out of Reena Ninan‘s mouth during a CBS Weekend News report on the dueling protests.

This would be true except none of the violence came from the “right wing” Trump supporting Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. The clashes and violence were between the police and the Antifa instigators who showed up to start fight....

AFP was just as subtle...

 ...Activists hurled rocks and bottles during a rally in the US city of Portland, Oregon organized by two far-right groups that drew a counter protests, said police, which ordered demonstrators to leave not long after the marches got under way....

Note that the rocks and bottles were hurled by the Antifa Communists, NOT the 'two far-right groups' that AFP mentions.

Oh, yah, the Press deserves "respect," eh?  Tell us, bozos, does the First Amendment also protect flat-out lying from the MSM? 

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