Thursday, August 02, 2018

Trump vs. the Libertarian Globalists

Interesting podcast here with a fellow named Henry Olsen.  Looks like Olsen has figured out the appeal of Trump and the reason for the utter disgust with the Libertarian/Koch Bros./Globaloney/NoBorders/Chamber of Commerce bunch.

In other words, why Trump won, and what the Pubbies should be thinking about.  It should be no surprise that Ron Reagan won on the same principles.

...“You can argue that libertarianism is a Marxist heresy, that where Marx said that the capitalist commodifies everything, the libertarian says, ‘Darn tootin,’” Olsen told Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour...

...Olsen framed libertarians as prioritizing economics over all other considerations: “Try and find somebody that doesn’t think tariffs are an abomination. You can’t find that person on the right [or] the left. I think this fundamental agreement about the international nature of the economy that seems to put politics, community, nation, and — dare I say — humanity as irrelevant concerns....

Edmund Burke would be appalled at representing Libertarianism as "Conservative."  

We've repeatedly said that Trump did not win with "Republican" votes; he won with Reagan Democrat votes--union votes and Actual Conservative votes.  Those votes were added to those of the Chamber of Commerce crowd--but that group is very small indeed.  They make a lot of noise throw around a lot of money, and have captured the propaganda machines of many RadioMouths--but that's all. 

(Note well:  Limbaugh has backed away from his Libertarian stance over the last 24 months.....)


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