Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Facebook/YouTube Plan for You

Recently found in a dumpster in Silicon Valley, this document was signed by the Chairmen of both Facebook and YouTube, and was in an envelope addressed to the CEO of Twitter for his signature.

...Members of the public who have been chosen for re-education have been infected by an ideological illness … In order to provide treatment to people who are infected with ideological illnesses and to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the..... Social Media Committee decided to set up re-education camps, organizing special staff to teach... social media laws, regulations, ethical and religious policies, and various other guidelines.” 

“Families of those who have been taken for re-education may have concerns … those worries are unnecessary … If the trainees fail to achieve the desired results, they will continue classes free of charge until they are qualified and fit to leave. Citizens, please remain calm and relax.”

“At the end of re-education, the infected members of the public return to a healthy ideological state of mind, which guarantees them the ability to live a beautiful and happy life with their families...

Other CC's on the document included the NSA and FBI, plus assorted offices in Main Justice.  A blind copy was sent to Mueller.

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