Friday, August 03, 2018

Questions for RoJo About "Meddling"

Sen. Ron Johnson is concerned with "Russian meddling" in US elections.

We, too, have concerns about that stuff.  Specifically:

1)  Is the intel on "meddling" coming from such *sterling* sources as the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and NSA, the same outfits which have engaged in poisoning the political atmosphere over the duly-elected President and which are filled to the brim with Deep State activists?

Did the Russian "meddling" have as much impact on national unity as did the FBI, DOJ, and CIA activity--which was and is sedition?

2)  Did the "meddling" change the results of any election?  Did it change the vote-totals in any precinct, or State? 

3)  What is the difference between (D) and (R) propaganda blasts and the slanders offered by independent organizations such as Koch or Plannned Parenthood, and the "meddling" done by the Russkis?

4)  You know, I'm sure, that the Constitution allows ONLY the STATES to determine voter eligibility, and allows ONLY the STATES to manage election process and procedure (except for cases of discrimination based on sex, race, (etc.)). 

The Obama Administration wanted to stick the nose of the Feds into State election process and procedure.  Do you support that blatantly un-Constitutional interference?

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