Saturday, April 03, 2021

Dostoevsky Explains 'The Woke' In and Out of the Church

Chesterton was not the only prophet living in the 19thC.  Save room for Dostoevsky, who saw a man of the Church fall.  But it was not only a Churchman Dostoevesky wrote about in 'the Inquisitor.There are also the politicians who have spurned Right Order (the laws of Nature and Nature's God)

 ...The story of the Grand Inquisitor is one of the high points of world literature. Set in Seville in the 15th century, the author imagines that Jesus has returned to earth to take a close look at the Spanish Inquisition — an episode in history that can hardly be said to have conformed to Christ’s teaching.

The Grand Inquisitor immediately claps Christ into chains. He accuses him of a monstrous crime against humanity — that of making too many demands of man, who is “weak, vicious and rebellious,” and of having burdened man’s conscience with an unbearable load — that of morality, freedom, dignity and responsibility.

The Grand Inquisitor wants to appease the conscience of man because, unlike Christ (he says), he understands man and loves him....

Huh.  The 'woke' understand and love man.  The rest of you.....well......

...The Grand Inquisitor is a tragic person. He is a cardinal who devoted his life to serving the Church. But as he grew older, he lost his faith. No longer believing in God, he decided to make people happy by freeing them of the burden of conscience — but in the process, he made them into animals.

He is a philanthropist. He rejects the commandment to love God but fanatically observes the commandment to love one’s neighbor. He passes himself off as a disciple of Christ, as one who would carry out his mission: You shall love your neighbor as yourself!..

We should note that politicians/legislators most often 'observ[e] the commandment to love one's neighbor' with other people's money.

...What bothers the Grand Inquisitor is Christ’s elitism: “Do thou care only for the tens of thousands of the great and strong, while the millions, numerous as the sands of the sea, who are weak but love you, must exist only for the sake of the great and strong? No, we care for the weak, too.”

There's the 'projection' of the Left!  In the real world, the Inquisitor and his club-men care for their fellow club-men, while watching thousands of children suffer rape and abandonment at our border--or while ignoring millions of 'the weak' getting aborted.

The Grand Inquisitor loves the weak, while claiming that Christ, who makes such demands of them, does not.

The Grand Inquisitor gives the impression that he loves man, but having lost his faith in God, he has also lost his faith in man and his dignity as a son of God. To make man happy, he takes away everything that makes him human — morality, conscience, freedom, responsibility. He aims to turn man into a beast....

And as one can see with the explosion of murders and violence in our cities, he and they have done very well in that project.

Tucker Carlson said the same thing recently.  The phenomenon is not a mystery, friends....

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