Saturday, January 23, 2021

What Sykes, Wiggy, and Blaska Have Gifted You.......

Z-Man lists himself as some sort of 'resistance conservative.'  For the record, he has  very good insights into the social scene but has some.........ahhh.......spicy.........connections.

Anyhow, this week's recording points to things Biden* has done (and will do) which will have a very serious negative impact on US society.

An extra 10 million illegal invaders in the next few years will guar-an-f***n-tee a crime wave like you haven't seen since the 1980's.  And don't forget that Biden* has called for the outright release of criminally-convicted illegals who are currently in Club Fed and/or State pens, too.

Think 'we have police?'  Think again, dumbass.  Persecuting Big City cops not ONLY causes early retirements, it also really, really, discourages people from joining the blue line.  IOW, it will get a lot thinner.

This is what Blaska, Wiggy, and Sykes have given you as a gift.  Be sure to show your appreciation when you run into them!

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